This is the final fired piece at the centre of the process article in the November 2018 issue of the Journal of Australian Ceramics.

Anne Mossman is a ceramic artist who works with porcelain across a selection of techniques involving nerikomi.

She has found pattern making by layering and manipulation to be a very accessible and spontaneous way of expression. She is intrigued by the shift of lines and the creation of patterns arising from quite subtle movements of the coloured clay bodies.

Her early nerikomi work was characterised by intricate patterns and small delicate vessels where thin pattern pieces were slip cast into moulds. More recent work has larger gestural swathes of colour loosely layered and hand formed into large vessels. These influences come from geologic formations which have undergone the same shifts and movements (as clay patterns) but over eons. She is from New Zealand which is a country thrust up from violent ruptures in the land, the scars of which are part of her visual lexicon.

Anne’s studio is in the hinterland of Currumbin on the Gold Coast, Australia where she has also developed a large garden that also inspires her visual interests.

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